When Global AutoTrading receives a trade alert from a newsletter, Global AutoTrading looks at each client's account to determine if the client has a valid subscription to that newsletter, and if so, to determine how much money to allocate to that recommendation. Global AutoTrading clients can set the allocation that they want to use using Global AutoTrading's web site. Click on the images below to see a larger version.

To start autotrading a newsletter that is already on the allocation screen, please just set an allocation. Global AutoTrading will be notified, and we will contact the newsletter publisher to confirm your subscription. When we receive that confirmation, your subscription status will be automatically updated, and autotrading will begin in your account for that newsletter.

1. Begin by logging in to the Global AutoTrading web site, using the "Login" menu item under the "Clients" menu item. Login Menu Item - Click for larger image
2. After you login, you will automatically be directed to the allocation screen. You can always get back to the allocation screen by selecting the "Allocation" menu item (this menu item is only visible after logging in to the Global AutoTrading web site). Allocation Menu - Click for larger image
3. When at the allocation screen, filters can be used to only show the newsletters that currently have an allocation above $0, and / or newsletters for which the client has a confirmed subscription. Newsletters with a verified subscriptions are shown with a blue checkmark; other newsletters are shown with a grey 'x'. The table can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on a column header. Allocation Screen - Filters - Click for larger image

4. An allocation amount can be entered in the text field under the Allocation column, on the row of the corresponding newsletter. Please remember this is the allocation Per Trade (not for all simultaneous positions for the newslleter). Some newsletters offer trade alerts for options and stocks; those are shown on different rows in the table. Options also includes combinations like covered calls and spreads. After entering an allocation, click on the little floppy disk to save your changes (the disk will only become 'clickable' if the allocation has changed; otherwise it remains greyed out). You need to click on the disk for each row that has been modified. If you enter an allocation for a newsletter for which your subscription hasn't been verified, Global AutoTrading will confirm your subscription with the newsletter publisher before autotrading for that newsletter will begin.

To stop autotrading a newsletter, please check the check box in the "closing only" column (please do not set the allocation to $0).

Enter Allocation - Click for larger image
5. After clicking the floppy disk icon, the message "Changes applied." should appear. If this message doesn't show up, reload the page to see if your new allocation is set or not; if not, please contact Global AutoTrading. Allocation saved - click for larger image

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